Vineyards and wineries. Collis: at the very birthplace of our wines


The five historical wineries forming the Group, which receive deliveries from their members, are the Lonigo Winery, the Barbarano Vicentino Winery, the San Bonifacio Winery, the Cantina di Colognola ai Colli Winery and the Merlara Winery.

The special grape drying room in Montecurto, and the two wine cellars of Colognola and Lonigo are also the three dedicated facilities where prized grapes are partially dried to obtain fine wines such as Amarone della Valpolicella and Recioto di Soave.
The quality of the wines produced is guaranteed by the identity of each single wine cellar, making territorial roots a hallmark.
Each Collis product brings with it the flavours of its land and the unique style of the wine cellar where it was produced, concentrating its affection towards its roots into the harmony of its flavours.