Vineyards and wineries. Collis: at the very birthplace of our wines


Our vineyards are distributed over the three provinces of Verona, Vicenza and Padua, in one of the most productive regions in Italy. The Veneto region is a genuine jewel in the winemaking world. And on top of its excellent wine production, it boasts breathtaking scenery of natural beauty. The chance combination of the different soil composition and the micro climates that caress the rows of vines in the different growing areas, produces extremely diverse oenological results, lending unique sensory edges to our wines.

Soave area

The crowning jewel of the Veneto region and production area of Soave wines with registered designation of origin, the Soave area boasts some of Italy’s best wine territories and stretches into the areas lying between the Illasi and Alpone Valleys, as far as the border with the province of Vicenza.
The area is characterised by a diverse mountain landscape and a variety of terrain whose soil ranges from basaltic and chalky to alluvial. The horizon is dotted with gentle rolling hills that offer incredibly beautiful views.

Valpolicella area

The production zone of Valpolicella wines with a registered designation of origin stretches among the green hills that are dominated by the ordered outline of the vineyards, stone quarries and flourishing woods located to the north-east of the city of Verona. The composite nature of the soils and the predominantly Mediterranean climate offer fine grapes of high qualitative potential.

Prosecco with a registered designation of origin area

Prosecco starts out in one of the most beautiful areas of the Italian peninsular, where nature and culture blend with the history of this famous wine. The production zone of Prosecco with a registered designation of origin lies in the north-east of Italy, stretching over the 5 provinces of the Veneto region - Treviso, Venice, Vicenza, Padua and Belluno - and the 4 provinces of the Friuli Venezia region - Giulia di Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste and Udine.
The climate is generally mild all over the territory: the area is protected by the Alps to the north and heated to the east by the winds blowing from the Adriatic Sea, which mitigates the temperature.
The drastic differences in temperature between day and night in the late summer facilitate the development of aromatic substances in the grape during ripening. The predominantly clay-lime mineral-rich soil of alluvial original produces a grape that lends itself well to the production of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines.

Arcole area

Lying within the provinces of Verona and Vicenza, the production area of Arcole wines with a registered designation of origin has its roots in an ancient historical and wine heritage.
The level zones of alluvial terrain give way to hilly areas with clay and chalky soils, giving life to a rich and varied landscape that has achieved excellent levels of quality over the years.

Colli Berici area

Favourable weather conditions and the diverse composition of the territory are the elements characterising the production area of Colli Berici wines with a registered designation of origin. This area stretches over the hilly and foothill areas to the south of the city of Vicenza.

Merlara area

The flat areas to the south of the provinces of Padua and Verona are home to the production of Merlara wines with a registered designation of origin. Clay and lime soils alternate with sandy soils that are typical of areas lapped by the rivers Adige and Fratta in ancient times. A mild climate and low rainfall have made these soils particularly suitable for growing vines since ancient times.