Collis, passion for quality


By linking a deeply-rooted tradition of wine production with a strongly innovative mindset, Collis is able to serve the entire production chain attentively down to the very last detail, satisfying all requirements in terms of quality and ageing, right up to the bottling and sale of its wines.

Our products come from selected grapes that undergo strict checks throughout all processing stages: synergistic work aimed at achieving the utmost quality in order to guarantee product traceability and customer satisfaction. .
The Group boasts laboratories equipped with cutting-edge equipment and with a young team of specialists who are constantly committed to performing analyses and tests so that they can monitor and certify each batch of wine according to the criteria imposed by the European Community.
The serious attention that the Group pays to Quality has enabled the winery to continually improve its integrated quality, safety and environmental management system and certify it according to the major international industry standards recognised by the “Global food safety initiative”. This proves that its products can be fully relied upon in terms of safety, lawfulness, quality and authenticity.
Both Collis and Riondo have implemented an integrated quality, safety and environmental management system according to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231.

Collis is guaranteed by the following certifications: BRC and organic at the Lonigo and Colognola ai Colli premises; BRC at the Barbarano and San Bonifacio premises.

Cantine Riondo is guaranteed by the following certifications: IFS, BRC, SA8000.

Download the certificates: IFS Cantine Riondo BRC Riondo SA8000