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Collis, Cantine Riondo

Cantine Riondo bottles the wines delivered to Collis and sells the products intended for the two HORECA and large-scale distribution channels, in Italy and worldwide.

A modern winery with an international feel, Cantine Riondo belongs completely to the Collis Group and its mission is to distribute good Veneto wine, by pursuing the ideal of promoting the wines obtained in its own vineyards, focusing on the quality of the products and the proximity of its customers. Cantine Riondo offers a wide range of labels that are clearly defined in terms of distinctive identity and quality. The main labels are: Riondo (sparkling wines with a registered designation of origin and varietals), Casa Burti (generic sparkling wines), Casa Lunardi (still Veneto wines), Castelforte (premium still Veneto wines) and i-Riondo (Cocktails).
Nowadays, Riondo has a modern bottling line and a Bag in Box packaging line, able to rapidly and efficiently meet the production needs of different formats and types of wine. Thanks to the high level of investment made in the production line in recent years, an excellent level of technology has been attained, which is able to meet the increasingly exacting demands of the market and guarantee performance that continues to improve and become more efficient, faster and more advanced, with special attention also paid to protecting the environment and to CO2 emissions.

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