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Our values

Our values may be codified in a document that sets the foundations of the company culture, or they can emerge spontaneously from the memories, testimonies, and values that are transmitted by cultivating the land.


which includes straightforwardness, loyalty, and honesty, is also understood as respect for people, hard work, sacrifice, and of course nature, which provides the necessities of life.


which means sharing everyday life, thoughts, and worries, but also joy and satisfaction. This means relying on an organization that can provide guidance to the end result and indicate agronomists, men of destiny because they always know what to do.


the kind that never fails to answer a call for help, be it an unforeseen calamity, two extra hands, or sharing equipment at harvest time.


which means commitment, respect, and transparency, an approach to work in the vineyard that rewards care, passion, and time. Sustainability that does not need to be mentioned, but is understood in the wholesomeness and sweetness of the grapes.


the moment when the year’s work comes together in the rituals of the harvest: laughter among the rows, food paired with a glass of good wine, the songs of women who are mothers and will be grandmothers.

These are the values that the Collis Veneto Wine Group holds dear. This is its true wealth — people of the land who are passionate about keeping a legacy going from generation to generation.