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Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability involves the adoption of techniques and good practices to safeguard the planet’s ecosystems: recycling and waste management (zero waste), promoting and using renewable energy sources, and developing innovative technologies and the circular economy.

integrated pest-management protocols

Our commitment to environmental sustainability starts with the adoption of integrated pest-management protocols that significantly reduce the use of agricultural chemicals, leading to SQNPI (National Quality System for Integrated Production) and Organic certification.

RRR protocol

We adhere to the Consorzio di Tutela della Valpolicella’s RRR protocol (Reduce, Save, Respect) and collaborate in research projects with the University of Padua, the Catholic University of Piacenza, Fondazione Mach, and CREA to improve agricultural techniques, for integrated pest management, and to optimize water resources.

low-consumption led

LOW-CONSUMPTION LED bulbs are used for lighting.

solar panels

A modern system ensures clean electricity supplies.

Sustainable agriculture means meeting current food needs without compromising production for future generations; in short, cultivating the future.

in short, cultivating the future.